4, June 2017

The Exam Period: Is It Exciting or Terrific?


Without any exaggeration, for many students, the exam period seems to be terrific and they find this is a real nightmare. Thus, these teenagers start panicking several weeks before the final test instead of getting prepared for it. There is no wonder why they fail as a result. Stress and anxiety are your worst enemies in case you wish to cope with exams quickly and with the best quality. In the most cases, students have too emotional and disturbing attitude to their final test. There is no necessity to sacrifice your nerves and good mood. It is possible to live a full and normal life even if it is only several days before the examination. You should not be afraid of it in any case. You just lower your chances for success in such a way. There are exact statements below, which prove that there is no base for fear or disturbance.

Grades Are Not Indicators

The majority of students and even teachers agree that grades are not the best indicators of potential and talent. Sure, if you study a lot, you will get a higher grade than anyone who just does none of the home assignments and miss classes. However, lots of factors may influence the way of estimating your work. Some of scientists and researchers did not get A-level grades during their college years. Anyway, they have reached their personal goals and found a good workplace. Moreover, famous geniuses of the modern world were not focused on the grades as well. Now, they have millions of dollars of the income and do not regret concentrating on studying things instead of getting an excellent grade. It means that you should follow the similar tendency. Sure, grades play a role and you have to do your best on the exams. Nevertheless, the main priority should be the knowledge and new skills.

It Helps to Test Yourself

Students in Classroom

On the other hand, exams are a pretty good way, which can help you understand if your skills and knowledge are high. Do not forget that it is important to improve yourself day by day. After getting a result of the final test, you will get aware of some gaps in your understanding of a subject. It will let you fix some things and learn information, which you do not know but it is important for the post-college life. In most cases, the material in your test is extremely useful not just for receiving an excellent grade but for improving your personality and some abilities. Remember that teenagers cannot create such test on their own and it is better to use those that were made by specialists.

Become More Persistent to Stress

It is true that adult life includes lots of situations when young people have to suffer from stress and anxiety. These emotional conditions are much more difficult to overcome than your feelings before the exam week. As a rule, such problems at college seem to be minor when you have already graduated and have a job. An angry boss, irritating colleagues and too complicated tasks may make your adulthood much more unpleasant than passing several tests. However, exactly this panic and anxiety that you have before important exams will help you become more persistent to stress. This is an incredibly useful quality for everyone who is going to work in a team, have a high position in the company and so on.

Get Experience

Student Passing Exam

After your first exam, you will comprehend lots of things, which were difficult for you before. It is especially important for freshmen who undervalue their skills and knowledge. Thus, young people learn how to build an effective plan of preparing for exams, manage their time and do not make the most typical mistakes during this process. As a result, the next tests will not be as terrific as the first one seemed to be. You will simply get used to it and understand that there are no reasons for fear. Moreover, such organizing skills and abilities of effective planning are very helpful in different life situations. For example, when you have to present a report or any project at work, you will not have the panic because you have no time for it. Time management skills, which you have learned at college will be extremely useful in this case.

To sum up, students may find that exams are the worst nightmare ever and be afraid of them more than anything else. They are stressed and continue panicking until the last test is passed. Of course, there is no necessity to act like this. You will only deplete your nerves and may even get the paranoia of bad grades on the final exam. It does a great harm to your health. You may even suffer physically from headaches, general muscle pain and feel dizzy very often. Sure, it happens only because of your negative thinking and wrong attitude to the exams and their main purpose. Just look at them as these things are kind of motivation for students and encourage them for good studying.

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