12, November 2016

Ways of Overcoming Exam Anxiety: Provide the Success for Yourself

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Probably everyone has experienced such a feeling when you are disturbed and even unable to concentrate on well-known things. This is a typical emotional condition, which students have right before exams. It makes their tasks much harder than they are for real. Sometimes smart and diligent young people cannot cope with the simplest assignments because of the exam anxiety. It happens even with those who trained a lot and used tips, which we explained in the previous article. It is very disappointing to receive negative grades for the test if you know all correct answers but make lots of mistakes because of flurry inside of you. Thus, the prevention of exam anxiety should be one of your main priorities and you have to pay more attention to this issue in order not to fail. Usually, students feel confused and cannot focus on their tasks. They have a full mess in their heads and are not able to put down all things they know. There are some truly effective ways, which can help you reduce anxiety and stress before the final test.

Stay Organized

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The usual reason, why exam anxiety appears, is that students are afraid of upcoming tests and find these things too complicated. Teenagers often make the similar mistake. They simply are not well-organized during the preparation and everything is mixed in their heads. Thus, you have to follow a certain scheme while revising things. It is a good idea to put all topics in a chronological order or sort them according to your professor’s advice. In addition, you have to care about your notes as well. They should not be scattered in your room. In order to make the final revision of material easier and more pleasant, it is better to indicate a certain place and put there all notes and textbooks, which are necessary for your exams.

Indicate Signs of Anxiety

In order to know if you have this emotional disorder, you should understand, which symptoms it has. For example, a student can feel chronic headaches, rapid heartbeat, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, generalized muscle pain and so on. It is important to comprehend that anxiety may have negative influence not only on the quality of your studying but also on your health. It is very unpleasant especially if you have to work hard before exams. Thus, you should not simply reduce symptoms as it will have a temporary effect. Your main target is getting rid of anxiety at all.

Try Yoga Classes

Yoga is a perfect way of becoming calmer and overcoming anxiety. It will save you from anxiety and stress and let you prepare for your exams in a more effective way. Moreover, it helps clean the mind from unimportant thoughts and memorize only necessary information. This activity makes the general quality of your life better, so you can get ready to any test without being too emotional, stressed or upset. In addition, you do not need any specific equipment to do yoga. It is possible to do even at home or you can join some classes where a professional coach will teach you how to breathe correctly, cope with your emotions and even meditate.

Make Your Food Nutritious

Do not forget about the importance of good nutrition and provide a necessary number of vitamins and minerals every day. However, only a small part of students follows this rule. The majority prefers quick meals in fast food restaurants and do not care about the calories they eat per day. Sure, it leads to an excess weight, especially if a teenager tries to overcome the stress before exams in the way of eating too many sweets or fats. You should clearly understand that food can improve your productivity and effectiveness of your preparation to the test. Hence, you have to balance your daily meals, add more fruits and vegetables and eat enough proteins. It is a pretty good idea to have some snacks, which include nuts or dark chocolate while studying.

Rest Enough

Students often complain that they have no time for rest while preparing to exams. However, it happens just because they start studying too late when only several days to the final test left. There is no wonder why they sleep for two or three hours as it is necessary to learn tons of information for a short period of time. Sure, it makes them feel the lack of energy and their brain works less effective. Nevertheless, you should not make such a mistake. The absence of good sleep and relaxation leads to worse productivity. Therefore, it is more beneficial to start revising things beforehand and take enough breaks. In this way, you will not be under the time pressure and have a chance to sleep as much as you want.

Estimate Your Skills Correctly

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It is true that many young people undervalue their skills and talents when they are preparing for the exams. However, this is a completely wrong approach, which leads to failures and the absence of self-confidence, which is necessary for success as well. You should never think that you are worse than others. It will make you unable to pass the exam even if you are smart and well-skilled. It is better to pay attention to your strengths and positive qualities. Generate some statements in your head, which prove that you are superior in some fields and have several specific talents.

Think Positively

Lots of tutorials and psychological books claim that positive thinking is a key to success in the life. It is suitable for passing your exams as well. The best way to reduce anxiety is changing your attitude to them. You should not be afraid of these events. It is just a test after all. It is essential to get rid of negative thoughts. They will simply disorient you and make you feel not as smart. Hence, you should never think that you are silly and will never pass the final test. It is better to remind yourself about your studying achievements, well-done tasks and some unique talents.

To sum up, these simple tips about reducing the exam anxiety can be really useful for students at college or school. It will save you a lot of nerves and help pass all tests successfully. Do not be one of the unlucky teenagers who fail their exams because of disturbance and confusion while being aware of all correct answers. In the next article, we will present you some beneficial tips on how to behave exactly during the test.

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