Meet Our Team: Going Through Fire and Water to Have It All

People in Dark Office

We hope our story is going to inspire our readers and prove that there is nothing impossible in our life. Especially when you have a bunch of hyper creative friends beside you. We will try to keep it brief, as there is, probably, no need to go back to the days when the idea of this blog occurred to our…, well, we call him team lead, though this is position is more common for IT companies.

Actually, that was his task to write this post, but as he is our team lead, he just reassigned it. Nevertheless, Jonathan is a great person who managed to join the efforts of a dozen of people who are enthusiastic experts in their fields.

Actually, about a year ago, before our team grew that big and successful (pardon my boast), the first blog failed. Were we disappointed? It is not the right word for how we felt then. We were losing money and running up more and more debts. I wish you could not imagine such situation as it is not pleasant at all.

Fortunately, that was just a side start-up, not our main project, and gradually we saved it from the real hell it was going to. We tried to change the approach and it worked. We express special gratitude here to our budding market analyst, Will.

Thorough multifaceted research plus support of our families and friends, not involved into the project directly, helped us find and correct the mistakes we made. We refreshed the variety of blog themes and fixed some technical issues. So, now we are sure that this blog is going to be as informative for our dear readers as possible.

Still, who are we? Jonathan is our team lead, consulting manager and blogger. You know Will – he is our saver, market analyst and blogger. We also have a half-self-taught SEO specialist with a certificate and a very charming editor, who seems to have a huge dictionary inside her head (apart from many other books). Our new project manager as well as a blogger, Julie, is a walking generator of ideas. Some guys are continuing their postgraduate studies, so they provide the fresh info about college life to us. And I am Maria, a copywriter and translator.

We are happy to work together and create something original, share our thoughts and discuss the freshest news with you. Follow our updates and enjoy your time here!