Through College Fire and Water: Or How to Harness the Elements

Fantasy Warrior

They say life is a battle field. And though it may sound rather pathetic when you are sprawling on the sofa watching your favorite The Big Bang series, there will be a moment when anyway you will have to fight against your own reluctance to get up and go do something more valuable for the society.

Is it going to be an original essay for your college journal? Or, maybe, something more commonplace like dishwashing? Whatever it is, you will have to take a challenge, otherwise…Well, the consequences may be very unexpected in both cases.

But, you see, aren’t you tired of it? Sometimes the fact that I can’t influence the circumstances just makes me crazy. That is actually what this blog is devoted to. We are going to make out how to take control over the surrounding reality.

It is going to be a battle. A battle for new info and knowledge, against stereotypes and laziness. Are you ready for it? Good. Neither are we. It must be a grand campaign, but as soon as we start it, there will be no way back.

Still, let’s assess our power and analyze the situation. Surefirewriting Blog team are here to develop effective strategies and tactics that would help us deal with everything (and everybody) around us both successfully and peacefully. The latter is quite important, isn’t it?

Alien Spacecraft

Know the Threats by Sight

Have they ever told you to do what you are afraid to do? Well, the message is slightly controversial. What if I have always been afraid of jumping down from the roof of 99-storey skyscraper? Nevertheless, there is a shred of wisdom in these words.

Let’s find out what you are constantly finding yourself fighting with. If we give names to these things, they will become more obvious and thus less frightening. These are going to be the main themes of our further discussions, by the way. So, we are going to consider them in more detail.

·         Study

The choice of college. All those research papers. Then the paperwork to get a degree. Add regular exams. The necessity to process large amounts of info every day. Well, we are going to find out how to eliminate the threat of study stress without sacrificing your academic success.

·         Career

Why do you need your current or future job? For money? For self-development? Our team decided to learn more about the career issue, especially when it comes to students and their lifestyle.

·         People

You cannot get away from them. Especially when you have an account in Facebook, which, I dare say, you will not risk deleting in the near future. So, let’s find out how to cope with them without wasting too much energy on the communication.

·         Personal little devils

Yes, they are probably the hardiest creations of your own mind. Let’s learn how to tame and make friends with them. Until it may be too late.

Upgrade Your Weapons

You are not helpless. That is for sure. And we are going to prove it here! Even the circumstances or people who create them literally force you to believe that you cannot make anything about what you are facing, you should remember about your secret weapon. Let’s check out what you always have in reserve and to make it even more helpful.

·         Deepen your knowledge

Get ready to learn more about the world around, above and inside you. We have prepared some amazing facts for you.

·         Express your creative self

Find the sources of your inspiration with our team and learn how to bring your creative ideas into being. What about writing a book or launching a home design blog? Nothing is impossible.

·         Update your skills

Let’s see what can help you get what you want in the today world. Is it something you have never tried before? Like SEO or baking. Learn more about the latest world news and the opportunities you are provided in the 21st century.

Four Elements of Nature

Let’s Harness the Elements

You have probably heard that traditional Chinese medicine sometimes refers to the elements of Nature. No, it is not an extravagant throwback of some respectable Chinese doctors. It is not magic. They explain it all really persuasively and, what’s more important, they can treat people with it. So, let’s put prejudices aside.

Chinese culture features five elements: the four you are thinking about now (fire, water, earth and air) plus wood. But here we are going to talk not about them as they are, but about the things to which they sometimes serve as metaphors.

We are going to discuss how a human can harness burning emotions, concentrate the flowing mind, find safe ground when communicating with others, get energy from the things they like and so on. See what I mean? That is going to be something unusual, but our team will try their best to make maximally interesting and useful for you!

Thank you for staying with us!

P.S. Surefirewriting Team thank everybody who took part in our surveys and gave us ideas that helped us launch and, we hope, will help us keep our blog project safe and sound. You are great!